Organic Bali, INDONESIA

Down To Earth is the company that owns my favourite places in Bali: Zula Restaurant, Earth Cafe and Earth Market. They also have a restaurant called Down To Earth in Ubud.

What do these restaurants and shop have in common? Delicious, organic food; Environmentally sustainable practices; Clean and chemical free cosmetics; Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

On an island full of tourists in an underdeveloped country, Bali is not known for it’s eco-friendly practices. The main beaches are strewn with litter and I find that even the upmarket areas have a faint smell of sewage lingering in the air.

Paradise for some but not really my thing

Paradise for some, not really my thing

To be honest, Indonesia is not my favourite holiday destination. Everyone has there own concept of paradise – perhaps I’ve been sick here one too many times. When I do find myself in Bali for business or pleasure it comforts me to know that there are healthy, vegetarian delicacies awaiting me in a place where all the vegetables are washed with spring water. It’s good to have a safe place where there is no risk of the dreaded Bali Belly

Seminyak’s Zula restaurant is totally vegan, they don’t serve “anything with a face or a mother” – vegan cuisine, especially of this quality, is hard to come by in Bali.  A meal for 2 at Zula will cost about  130,000 RP if you go for 3 courses. I don’t recall any alcohol on the menu, probably because I was too excited about the fresh antioxidant juice, which contains ingredients such as bee pollen, figs, coconuts, parsley and berries – not all together.

Mezze platters, lentil soup and chickpea burgers are my standard orders. The nachos and coconut tempe are also very good. Plenty of gluten free on the menu here, the staff know all about the food, just ask them.

My meal at Zula is often followed by an “apple crisp” pudding that is so good that you wouldn’t know that it’s healthy and that’s why I love Zula – you’d never know it’s health food. It’s a pleasant surprise indeed.

Healthy snacks available at Earth Market

Healthy snacks available at Earth Market

Earth Cafe and Earth Market  are just up the road from Zula – you will never get sick eating at these places and Earth Market is the only real organic supermarket with international products –  local wherever possible. Beauty, baby items and natural clothing are also available here and it’s open late.

Both Zula and Earth Cafe/Earth Market supply refillable water bottles from Bottles For Earth. Refills also available.

Have a happy and healthy trip to Bali!


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