Kawa Cafe, Surry Hills, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

In recent years, the cafes of Surry Hills have become a bit too big for their boots. They are way too cool to be serving anything as hideously unfashionable as chicken schnitzel or bagels – you’ve got to go back to 1997 or find a kosher deli for something so old hat, but not Surry Hills.

It’s pitiful to watch, but being pretentious means that they have organic, healthy, tasty and allergen free goodies for us. When in Sydney, do take advantage of this inner city enclave’s eateries.

Crown Street is a very cool location

Crown Street is a very cool location

This time I tried Kawa (348 Crown Street Surry Hills. Open 8am till 4 or 5pm) The seats are a killer, I can just about make it through breakfast and lunch. The staff are nothing special either – not offensive, dressed like the typical, shabby Surrey Hills “hipsters” and slow. They actually have a reputation for rudeness but I haven’t experienced this myself… or I certainly wouldn’t be writing about the place.

Kawa could do with some new chairs, but they will do for breakfast

Kawa is in need of comfy chairs, but they will do for breakfast

The most important things for me: It’s a cute place, clean with nice vibe and the food is good. Great for people watching. People come here mainly for coffee, breakfasts and sandwiches. A meal and a drink is about $20-25 per person.

The coffees are something else according to my on-call caffeine freaks, you will see people waiting for them – which in an area full of cafes is a good sign. The soy lattes are certainly a hit at Kawa but they have other, more exotic coffee products.

The latte

The latte

The kitchen is quite flexible with the menu for people with special dietary requirements: cheese and meat can be removed;  and and you can order many allergen free items straight off the menu. Organic ingredients are used throughout the menu and they are known for their delicious, organic chicken balls.

Gluten free items include: rosti potato with corn beef and pickled beetroot; an enormous ploughman’s lunch with Kawa’s famous chicken balls, feta, ham and vegetables; a mixed mezze platter (which comes with bread) and my favourite – the feta and lentil salad.

If there were sandwich awards, this place would be Cordon Bleu

If there were sandwich awards, this place would be Cordon Bleu

In my opinion, the sandwiches Kawa’s piece de resistance . The chicken ball sandwich seems to be a best seller.

There are at least 5 vegetarian meal options such as pasta, breakfast platters and sandwiches.

Cakes on display look good but I didn’t stand a chance after a salad and a sandwich – until next time, Kawa.

Yes, I get this all the time...

Yes, I get this all the time…


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