Cedele All Day Dining, SINGAPORE

Cedele All Day Dining Restaurants offer healthy, allergen free food in locations throughout Central Singapore such as Raffles City Level 3, Great World City and Wheelock Place. All the restuarants are open until 10pm.

They are not to be confused with Cedele Bakery Depot, their cafes, which are very good but offer only soup, salad and sandwiches and blissful, fresh cakes made “the old-fashioned way” with organic sugar, no trans fats, cold-pressed olive oil or natural, salt-free butter. There aren’t many vanilla sponges with strawberry jam that I get excited about, but Cedele has made that happen for me.

Healthy, affordable, fast meals at Cedele

Healthy, affordable, fast meals at Cedele

It’s nice to see restaurants and cafes that promote a healthy lifestyle, Cedele make their own fresh fruit and vegetable juice and are particular about their ingredients. You will find ingredients such as lemongrass (for cleansing) and beetroot (for fibre) where possible in their dishes.

Cedele All Day Dining has a full menu with vegetarian options, coeliac friendly dishes, low carb meals and they actually make their food from scratch, so you can often ask to modify dishes to your needs. Lunch or dinner is usually between $14 – 30.

Chilli crab appetisers

Chilli crab appetisers

The menu includes sea bass, grilled vegetable stacks, beef stew, beetroot burgers and vegetable soups. The pasta is very popular, although the beef ragout seemed rather tasteless. I can’t leave a Cedele outlet without having a cake. Try one and see if you can do without them.


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