Make Your Own Labneh Cream Cheese

Just look at how easy it is to get to get healthy, middle eastern cream cheese, called Labneh, that we can make into a delicious spread or dip.

All it is – plain yoghurt strained at room temperature. Low fat yoghurt if you wish, as long as it’s plain. Line a kitchen sieve with cheesecloth and leave it out overnight. Keep a bowl underneath to catch the water. Make sure the room isn’t too cold or humid. Some people like to hang the yoghurt in a bag from the door but I find the sieve is easier.

Yoghurt + Sieve + Cheesecloth = Labneh

Yoghurt + Sieve + Cheesecloth = Labneh

It’s amazing how much fluid comes out. Use the solid labneh for sauces, a spread, a dip or in desserts.

Here is one recipe for a labneh dip. It’s tasty and oh-so-easy:

1 cup Labneh

Juice of 1/4 lemon

Sea Salt

Zataar – a fabulous middle eastern spice mix usually containing oregano, thyme and sesame seeds. Pick up a bag from an import store or health food shop.

Tabasco Sauce to taste

Stir in all in, serve it with warm pita, vegetable sticks or on toast with avocado – labneh with zaatar never fails to impress.


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