JAPAN – Cicada, Aoyama. Coeliacs and Vegetarians Welcome

The star of Tokyo’s Mediterranean/ North African dining scene, Cicada supplies a consistently high quality menu including gluten free and vegetarian options.

Elegant entrance

Elegant entrance

Cicada is in Tokyo’s trendy Omote Sando district and the atmosphere is more resort in Southern Spain then downtown Tokyo. The chic bar serves wine from every corner of the globe and is open till the early hours of the morning.

The outdoor terrace has comfortable seating around a Moroccan pool. Sadly this pool isn’t deep enough for a swim (that would be too fun for Tokyo) but is nice to get a poolside seat in the city.

Poolside Tokyo

Poolside Tokyo

Cicada is a rare jewel in Tokyo because it has an extensive menu to suit those with special diets – if you live in Tokyo as a vegetarian or if you have Gluten/Shellfish/MSG allergies you will understand what a total nightmare it can be dining outside of your home. For visitors without a kitchen I can only imagine…

The gluten free options on the dinner menu include: An extensive selection of fresh dips; Grilled snapper with herbs; Cicada’s famous Portuguese Chicken Frango ; Lamb chops with anchovy and rosemary; Mussels and shrimps; All salads; Several of the vegetable selections.

While Cicada make the above dishes without gluten, the kitchen isn’t gluten free, the same clean pots and pans are used – but they assured me that the coeliac customers to date are very happy to dine at Cicada.

At lunch time there is a different menu each day, simply ask the staff to help you out, doubtless they’ll find you something truly amazing.


Seared tuna with capers

For the vegetarian diners, more good news! You can dig into Cicada’s fabulous dips, the mezze plate, potato gnocchi and the cheese platter (double check that only vegetarian cheeses are prepared for you – they have quite a selection)

There are various seasonal vegetable available as sides as well, the salads can be prepared without meat.


Very vegetarian mezzo

Everyone can eat at Cicada, reserve a seat if you are in a group. Children are welcome to dine at lunch or dinner time in the private room, which is as beautiful as the rest of the venue. I’m not sure if this is for reasons of pool safety or noise levels, but it’s a nice place for kids.

Cicada is a non-smoking venue and just 1 minute walk from Omote Sando Station.

5-7-28 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

(03) 64341255




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